Action on 19th” “Protect life, livelihood and human rights! Not the Olympics, but the Corona measures! Action in front of the Diet Building on July 19 to oppose the four constitutional amendments of the Liberal Democratic Party!

There will be a pre-concert concert on Monday, July 19, 18:30-19:15.

(1) There will be a pre-concert concert. (2) Ms. Akiko Kando, a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (non-partisan, recommended by the opposition parties), (3) Report on the Women’s Consultation Meeting (Daini Tokyo Bar Association).

Location: Mainly in front of the 2nd House of Representatives Building (please use the area around the Diet Library), standing with physical distance

Co-organized by: 戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会 /
安倍9条改憲NO!全国市民アクション (Don’t Let War Begin, Don’t Destroy Article 9! Executive Committee of Sokakari Action All Japan Citizen Action!)

-Ken Takada <>



7月 19 2021


6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


in front of the 2nd House of Representatives Building


戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会 / 安倍9条改憲NO!全国市民アクション

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