#NOlympicDay: The Olympics Will Kill Us!

Don’t Let This “Celebration of Sacrifices” Go Ahead June 23 Shinjuku Protest

Japan and Global Simultaneous Action

There is now only a month left until the Opening Ceremony but unbelievably cancellation is not yet declared still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s unimaginable how badly the Japanese government and Tokyo want to hold the Olympics during this pandemic. IOC Chair Thomas Bach had the blatant nerve to say: “The athletes definitely can make their Olympic dreams come true. We have to make some sacrifices to make this possible.”

What are these “sacrifices”? One is human life as people die from COVID-19 because hospitals are full, all for the sake of preserving the Olympics, which have already cost the public 3 trillion yen (27 billion dollars) but only profit a few elite politicians and big business.

Another “sacrifice” is the thousands of doctors, nurses, ambulances, hospital beds being deprived from us for the Olympics.

Another “sacrifice” is the eviction of people living in parks and cutting down green trees just for a two-week event.

Another “sacrifice” is the mobilization of more than 800,000 children, packed into the sweltering stadiums while the IOC directors watch from high above in their cool VIP seats.

What are these “dreams” then? One of them is the two-week stay for the Olympic aristocrats flying to Japan in private jets, sleeping at five-star hotel rooms paid out of our tax money, and enjoying luxurious dinners every evening.

Another “dream” is the benefit for the IOC, which boasts that it is a nonprofit organization but will actually receive broadcasting rights fees worth billions of dollars for the Tokyo Games alone.

Yet another “dream” is being able to release radioactive water into the sea while people’s attention is directed toward the Olympics.

The Olympics Kill Us All.

Olympic dreams? No, the Olympics are a nightmare!

The IOC calls June 23 “Olympic Day.” Well, let’s make it our Global NOlympic Day until we succeed in its abolition. Let’s organize protests and vigils and raise our voices simultaneously in Tokyo, Paris, LA, and various places around Japan. It is only the global voices that can stop this celebration of sacrifices.

We can’t let the Olympics and Paralympics go ahead. Let’s come together in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on June 23.

June 23 (Wednesday)
6:00pm Standing on the sidewalk in front of the 2nd floor entrance of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1
7:00pm Demonstration

At Shinjuku demonstration;

  • Snacks available for participants
  • Placards and musical instruments are welcome!
  • Please do not bring any items that symbolize nationalism, national flags, or hate speech.
  • Please wear a mask, disinfect your hands, keep a distance between participants, and take other measures to prevent coronary infection.

Currently planned activities;

  • Tokyo, Shinjuku: Standing protest at the main entrance of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and demonstration around Shinjuku (by the calling group)
  • Sizuoka: A demonstration will be held in Shizuoka City on the day of the Torch Relay (against the “Torch” and “Ori/Paraly” under Corona! Executive Committee/Shizuoka)
  • Action to request the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education to stop mobilizing children before the standing event in Shinjuku( organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education siege net)
  • Paris: Solidarity action at a self-cultivated farm in Occupy to protest the demolition of the site for the 2012 Paris Olympics (Paris, France)

Information will be updated as it becomes available. Please check the following website.

Anti-Olympic Association



Olympic Disaster Warning Liaison Group