Protest against the start of the “Torch Relay” on March 25: Stop the torch! Stop the Olympics! Demonstration!

Forcing the Olympics
 On March 10, Bach was re-elected as IOC President with overwhelming support, and once again expressed his strong desire to host the Tokyo Olympics. It is also reported that the organizing committee of the Games has also decided to abandon the policy of accepting general audiences from overseas. While the spread of the COVID-19 infection has led to widespread calls for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be cancelled, the organizers are still determined to hold the Games even if they cannot be done in “perfect conditions”.

The “Torch Relay” Begins in Fukushima
 On March 25, a “torch relay” will start from J Village, a soccer facility in Naraha-machi, Fukushima, and head across the country. This facility, a “gift” to the local community from TEPCO, which caused the nuclear power plant accident that has yet to be resolved, has been designated as the starting point for the “recovery and sports hub”.

Let’s raise our voices against the relay from all over Japan!
 The “Torch Relay” is an event to mobilize the people of each region for the Olympics. The governor of Shimane Prefecture has called for a review of the cancellation of the relay. This is no time for the Olympics. Local governments are also being forced to bear the burden. In addition, in LA, Paris and other cities where the Olympics are scheduled to be held, actions are planned to oppose the start of the torch relay on the 25th. We don’t need the Olympics, which have been spreading “disaster” all over the world. Now is the time to stop the “torch” from scheduled localities/regions/areas! Let’s stop the Olympics!

March 25 (Thursday) 18:45 Meet at SL Plaza in front of JR Shinbashi Station
Start for demonstration at 19:00


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