Request for the immediate cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

July 16, 2021

President, Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Ms. Seiko Hashimoto

All participants in the July 16 action

Request for the immediate cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Today we express our protest against the fact that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have not been cancelled even one week before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, and demand that the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics immediately cancel the Games.

Tokyo was declared under a state of emergency for the fourth time between July 12 and August 22.

We were stunned when IOC President Bach said in April that it was possible to hold the Olympics even under a declared state of emergency. However, this ed to the preparation of holding the Olympics under the state of emergency declared due to the worsening COVID-19 situation.

However, it is impossible in principle to hold the Olympics under a declared state of emergency that would drastically restrict our daily lives and commercial activities. This is because the declaration of a state of emergency, which greatly restricts people’ s activities, and the holding of the Olympics, which increases the mobility of people, are two contradictory things. In addition to the risk of various types of COVID-19 entering the country from all over the world, the mobility of athletes and Games officials will certainly increase the risk of infection explosion.

Even if the event venues are closed to spectators, the flow of people will increase. This is evident in the torch relay, which was cancelled on public roads. “No spectators” is not a guarantee of safety and security. The only way to ensure safety and security is to cancel the Olympics.

Today, IOC President Bach will visit Hiroshima and Vice President Coates will visit Nagasaki. As the only country to have experienced atomic bombings, the visit to the A-bombed city of Hiroshima may be an expression of the symbolic meaning of the Olympics as a “festival of peace. “We will not allow Bach-Coates’ visit to the A-bombed cities to further deepen the deceit of the Tokyo Olympics, which was bid based on the big lie of “under control.
Although many local governments have cancelled the public road relays, the torch-kissing celebrations, which can only be described as a formality, continue. The torch is now passing through various parts of Tokyo, and we call for the immediate cancellation of these events, which are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The COVID-19 disaster has made it clear to everyone that the Olympics and Paralympics are not about respecting human life, but about the logic of money.The IOC aristocrats and their sponsors such as Dentsu and Pasona in Japan should not be allowed to profit by hosting the Olympics and Paralympics. You should make a decision to cancel the Olympics and Paralympics as soon as possible in order to put more people and money into the medical field and the people suffering from Covid-19 catastrophe.

It is not too late. We strongly demand that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics be cancelled immediately.