7/22 (Thu):non-essential! Stop the Olympics! Chofu Demonstration

7/22 (Thu) 13:40, Kamifuda Park
14:00 departure
Please wear a mask. Please do not come if you catch a cold. No racist expressions.
More important than life? Stop the Olympics! Kichijoji Demo wo Yaru Kai
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We are a voluntary group of local people in the Tama area calling for the cancellation of the Olympics.
Despite the seriousness of the spread of COVID-19 infection in Japan and the world, Prime Minister Kan, Minister of the Olympics Marukawa, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee Hashimoto, and Governor Koike of Tokyo are pushing ahead to hold the Olympics even at the cost of our lives and livelihoods. And IOC President Bach, who is the chief executive officer of the IOC, has boldly stated that the Olympics must be held even if it means making some sacrifices.
Many people are protesting against and angry at the Olympic Games, which will be established by the monopoly of profits by the IOC and its cronies and sponsors, the big corporations, and by spending huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. The reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident is being neglected, and the Olympic Games are being held even after destroying the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia for the timber used for the new national stadium, which is being condemned not only by the local people but also by people all over the world.
The Fifth Wave of Corona Now. Many people are concerned about the vaccination, which the government has positioned as the decisive factor in fighting the infection. The government has declared a fifth “state of emergency” in Tokyo, and events that we look forward to every year have been cancelled, forcing us to refrain from going out and opening pubs. After local governments, concerned about the increase in the number of corona cases, announced the cancellation of the mobilization of children to watch the games in cooperation with schools and the running of the “torch” relay on public roads, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was finally forced to give up the plan. Chofu City has a high concentration of Olympic stadiums. The Tokyo (Ajinomoto) Stadium will host 7-man rugby and modern pentathlon, Musashinonomori Sports Park will host badminton, Musashinonomori Park will host road races, and prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the 23rd, the preliminary round of soccer will begin at the Tokyo Stadium on the 21st. Traffic restrictions and baggage checks will be in place and will affect our lives.
We would like to raise our voices from Chofu to demand the cancellation of the Olympics.
From dots to areas! From the Tama region to the world, let’s spread our voices for the cancellation of the Olympics!
We will never give up! More important than life? Stop the Olympics!


7月 22 2021


1:40 PM - 4:00 PM


Kamifuda Park
Tokyo Chofu


Stop the Olympics! Kichijoji Demo wo Yaru Kai


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