Recovering from the Olympics Disaster 〜We call for the immediate cancellation of TOKYO 2020 Olympcs


Recovering from the Olympic Disaster
〜We call for the immediate cancellation of TOKYO 2020 Olympcs.

There is already an overwhelming majority of people calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. This is evidenced by the fact that 360,000 people have responded to a petition initiated by Kenji Utsunomiya calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in order to protect people’s lives and livelihoods.

The “Olympics for Reconstruction” began as a cover-up of the nuclear accident and a bribe-based bid. The “explosive spread” of the COVD-19 (stage 4 on the national index) and the declaration of a state of emergency have grotesquely demonstrated our point that TOKYO 2020 and all other modern Olympics have been nothing but disasters for people’s lives, the global environment, and and even for sports.

We call on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Organizing Committee, the JOC, and the Japanese government to decide that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics cannot be held in Tokyo, and to call on the IOC to cancel TOKYO 2020 through Morishige Watanabe and Yasuhiro Yamashita, Japan’s elected IOC commissioners. We also protest against the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s refusal to our request for information disclosure and its blatant concealment of information by issuing this notice six months after our request. We also strongly demand the preservation of all documents from the bid to the cancellation(in the near future) of the event, and their disclosure to the public.

The following events were held from May 1 to 9 under the declared state of emergency; Athletics at the New National Stadium in Tokyo, the Diving World Cup at the Aquatics Center in Koto-ku, the Volleyball Goodwill Tournament at the Ariake Arena, and the Marathon Festival 2021 in Sapporo, Hokkaido as a test event for the Olympics and Paralympics About 700 athletes and 6,000 people participated in the event. These events, together with media coverage and security, resulted in a huge amount of money being spent and an unnecessary flow of people.

As the “explosive spread” of the disease spread throughout the country, the “torch” relay of the national commercial event, which originated in Nazi Germany, continued. On May 1, Ishigaki City in Okinawa Prefecture became the only city in the prefecture to carry out the relay on public roads. For a while, there were no infections in Ishigaki City, but two days after the relay, people started to get infected. As a result, priority measures to prevent the spreads of the COVID-19 were issued, and on May 15, 16 cases out of 134 new cases in Okinawa Prefecture confirmed in Ishigaki City, a population of less than 50,000. Also in Okinawa Prefecture, more than 100 new cases were recorded for four consecutive days by May 15. The prefectural government’s medical technical director stated that “human contact during the holidays was the main factor”, and it is an important issue that the forcing of celebratory events during the May 1st and 2nd holidays has triggered a loosening of the mind, and that the resources of medical agencies and local government officials have been deprived by the Olympics -Paralympics related events.

Following Okinawa, Fukuoka and Yamaguchi prefectures also suffered from the Olympics -Paralympics disaster, including the declaration of a state of emergency immediately after the torch relay and the explosive spread of stage 4 infection. “Tokyo” is spreading the disaster not only to Fukushima on March 11, 2011, but also to the whole country in 2020 Olympics.

The victims of the Olympics disaster are not limited to the “nation”. This is also evident in the human rights violations and murderous policies of the immigration administration using the Olympics as an excuse. It is also clear that the Olympic disasters taking off the lives of those discriminated or labelled as “unpatriotic”.

On May 17, an ignition ceremony for torch relay will be held at Peace Park in Hiroshima. The visit of IOC President Bach has been cancelled. Also the celebratory event under the declared state of emergency should be cancelled immediately. Many people including local people are protesting against Bach and the Olympics for using the wish for nuclear abolition for delusive political purposes.

There have been protests in Fukushima, Nagano, Osaka, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and many other places in Japan against the Olympics -Paralympics events.

Public opinion, the media, and athletes are calling for the cancellation of the event. In the world, protests are continuing in Paris, LA, and other places where the Olympics -Paralympics are scheduled to be held in future.

Just like the peace light in Hiroshima Heiwa-koen Park, which keeps/ will keep burning until nuclear weapons are eliminated, our heat of anger, hope and solidarity will never go out. Our struggle will continue until the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are cancelled, the crimes of the Olympiad are punished, and Olympics and Paralympics are found nowhere in the world, thus the whole world recovering from the Olympic Disaster.

We call for the immediate cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

May 17, 2021

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