Don’t allow the suppression of the opposition movement at the Musashino “Torch” Ceremony on July 16! Musashino Police must return our friends now! We need your help!

Don’t allow the suppression of the opposition movement at the Musashino “Torch” Ceremony on July 16!
Musashino Police must return our friends now!
We need your help!

The spread of COVID-19 infection is becoming more serious and the number of new infections is on the rise. The number of new infections is increasing. In spite of this situation, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are forcing the Olympics to be held at the expense of our lives and livelihoods. In addition, IOC President Bach boldly stated that they will hold the Olympics even if they(or people) have to make some sacrifices.

On the other hand, according to a poll conducted in 28 countries, including the U.S. and France, released by the research firm Ipsos on July 13, about 80% of the people in Japan, and more than half of the people in the world, are against holding the Tokyo Olympics in the midst of a pandemic. In addition, various protests are increasing day by day throughout Japan.

On July 16, 2021, a protestor at the Musashino “Torch” was arrested amidst excessive security, with even police dogs being deployed.
On July 16, 2021, a ceremony to light the “torch” of the Tokyo Olympics was held at Musashino Stadium (Musashino City). Here too, people protested. The venue was surrounded by excessive police security, and even police dogs were deployed. Citizens were excluded and the “torch” ceremony took place. What on earth are the police protecting?

In the midst of all this, one of our friends who was protesting for the cancellation of the Olympics was physically subdued by police officers and arrested on suspicion of “obstruction of police work”. Our friend has been calling for the cancellation of the Olympic Games because the Japanese government, the Tokyo metropolitan government, and the IOC have been trying to force the Olympic Games to go ahead without any consideration, and has been calling for “an end to the Olympics that sacrifices lives.
Donate to the relief fund! Stop the Olympics immediately!
Our friend is now detained at Musashino Police Station and is being harassed by the police under the name of “interrogation”. In lonely struggle in police cell, it would be of great help if many of you would give support to the victim of the suppression.

Please donate for legal fees and support for the fight back. Please participate in the actions called for by the rescue group. And let’s work together to stop the Olympics!

The police need to return our friend now! Stop the life-sacrificing Olympics immediately!

July 18, 2021

7/16 Musashino “Torch” Ceremony Protest Suppression Rescue Group

Transfer of donation] Postal transfer 00150-8-66752 (Account name: Santama Rodosha Horitsu senta 三多摩労働者法律センター)
Please make sure to write “7/16 Suppression Relief Campaign” in the correspondence column.

Please join the action of the Relief Association.
7/19 Protest and encouragement action at Musashino Police Station 19:00 Gather under the stairs at the exit of Mitaka Station North Exit
7/22 “Stop the Olympics! Chofu Demonstration” 13:40 @Kamifuda Park (8 min. from Chofu Station North Exit)
Organized by: Stop the Olympics! Kichijoji Demonstration Group